Insurance notes

When we first put our Ape on the road (in 2003),  we only found one company in the UK who would insure these, and they would only insure it as a commercial vehicle. It cost over 600 a year as Patrick was only 16, for fully comprehensive insurance (the minimum this company will deal with). 
As it happens, before we mothballed our Ape 18 months later, we got a letter from the company telling us that they were no longer insuring this type of vehicle.

In 2007, we insured it with MCE Insurance.
For Patrick, at 20years old with no NCD, and me, hid dad, as a named driver, we were quoted just over 201 for TPFT & 258 for fully comp.
MCE are on 01933 234800. Ask for David, and mention reference SAPX332 to jog his memory

(Dec 2007) I have just had an email from Jonathan who tells me he has just insured his 2005 APE50 with Adrian Flux (Ensign) for 350 as a 16 year old.












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